Narrative attacks created by misinformation and disinformation are the new threat vector.

A single post can quickly scale out of control, negatively impact the public’s perception of your organization, and cause significant financial and reputational harm.

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Blackbird.AI enables a disruptive shift in how organizations can identify and protect against narrative attacks created by misinformation and disinformation as they scale and become harmful, providing context and clarity for strategic decision-making.

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Blackbird.AI Constellation
Narrative Intelligence Platform

Our Constellation Narrative Intelligence Platform helps organizations identify and prioritize risks by analyzing narratives, their influencers, associated networks, bot campaigns, and connecting cohorts.

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Analyze threats in text,
images and memes

See across dark web,
social, news and more

What Our Customers Say

“We felt hopeless about this problem until we started working with Blackbird.AI.” — Global National Security Customer
“Transforming our reactive crisis management to proactive resilience.” — Chris Perry, CIO Weber-Shandwick/Chairman Weber Shandwick Futures
“Quantitative data we NEED.” — Global Energy Company
“The ONLY approach that works.” — US Army
“Blackbird.AI sees things that no other tools can see.” — Fortune 5 Company
“BEST Technology.” — Global Energy Company
“Our TOP choice.” — Global Energy Company