Narrative Use Cases

Supply Chain and Critical Manufacturing

False or harmful narratives can quickly convince your customers, suppliers, investors, and the general public that your company is facing shortages or stoppages, losing a key supplier, or relying on a supplier who carries with it geopolitical, social, environmental, or governance risks.

Stay ahead of the narratives

Our Constellation Platform can provide insights around harmful narratives impacting your organization, competitors, suppliers, or overall sector. It will alert you to narratives that could impact potential shortages, claims of harm, regional tensions, supply cancellations, or sole-source risk challenges.

Strengthen your supply chain

If a key supplier faces narrative risks, then your organization’s reputation and operations are also at risk. You work hard to vet every source and contributor, but you can’t predict how rumors or narrative attacks may impact them.

Blackbird.AI’s purpose-built technology helps to identify threats, as they take shape, so you can take action to strengthen your supply chain and defend against any risks that may happen along the manufacturing process.

Build greater resilience by knowing the narrative.

Leading organizations are creating greater business resilience by proactively equipping themselves to detect and respond to narrative threats. If your organization is not sure of how narrative attacks could impact your supply chain or critical manufacturing processes, then speak with an expert today.
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