Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure organizations face a new type of security threat in narrative attacks that use misinformation and disinformation to damage their reputation as trusted service providers, but most teams are not prepared to proactively identify and address emerging narrative threats with the potential to do irreparable harm.

Overnight, narrative threats can change customer sentiment, diminish market valuation, or turn the public against the organization or key executive. When you can see the narrative risks coming before anyone else and know where they started and who is influencing them, you're in a stronger position to understand the risks and can make better strategic decisions based on real data.

See Critical Infrastructure Blog by Ed Amoroso, Founder and CEO TAG Infosphere, Former CISO AT&T

Make strategic decisions with confidence

Blackbird.AI offers critical infrastructure teams the deepest insights and recommendations available on narrative risks. Our Constellation Narrative Intelligence Platform helps you to maintain a proactive level of narrative intelligence that is not possible through any other means.

We help critical infrastructure teams proactively surface emerging narratives; understand their context, origins, and intentions; to help you formulate effective counter-narratives to protect your reputation, investment, partnership, physical and cyber assets, customers, and employees.

Anticipate risk by knowing the narrative.

The World Economic Forum rated Misinformation and Disinformation the #1 Global risk in 2024. But critical infrastructure organizations cannot see narrative threats coming until it’s too late.

Your organization has the opportunity to stay ahead of the narratives and minimize the risk. Let’s talk about adding narrative intelligence to your portfolio.
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