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The success of consumer brands hinges on public perception, which can change on a dime. With millions of customer relationships at stake, a single harmful narrative can discourage new and repeat business, result in boycotts, and ruin your organization’s reputation.

Safeguarding your organization is an ongoing task that demands vigilance, proactivity, and strategic action. Legacy threat intelligence services and manual social listening tools count keywords and measure sentiment, but they cannot detect the deeper narratives–across languages, platforms, and modes of communication–you most need to see.

Fill in your narrative gaps.

Blackbird.AI’s Constellation Narrative Intelligence Platform fills in a crucial blindspot, helping today’s leading consumer brands to detect emerging threats to their reputations and customer bases. We empower you to stay ahead of threads about product defects; social, environmental, and labor concerns within the supply chain; executive targeting; and more.

If there is a whisper online, the Constellation Platform can detect it in more than 25 languages, across platforms, and in the darkest corners of the web. Our AI-driven technology discovers the relationships between each thread, and the people behind them, to understand the full context and to help you make better decisions on how to counter each narrative.

“Narrative Attacks are a blind spot to our organization, and current tools do not give us visibility into them or protection against them.”

— A Top Executive of a Fortune 50 Retail Brand

Keep your loyal customers by knowing the narrative.

The internet is a mysterious place, and limited visibility is a liability. To maintain a positive public perception and keep your customers loyal, you need to see the unseen.

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