Blackbird.AI for Public Sector Leaders

Defend your narrative like national security depends on it.

The World Economic Forum named narrative attacks caused by misinformation and disinformation the greatest global risk in 2024. In a digitized world, narratives are easily weaponized to direct responses to natural disasters, impact elections, deepen social divides, and foment international rivalries.

In 2024 alone, some estimates project that half of the global population will vote in major elections. Bad actors including private citizens, nation states, activist groups, and officials themselves are utilizing misinformation and disinformation campaigns to influence outcomes at the expense of credible democracies.

In today’s climate, public sector organizations have no choice but to prepare for rapidly-evolving narrative attacks that spread like contagions, threaten public organizations, and create avoidable conflicts between nations.

We are here to empower public sector leaders

The public’s trust in their governments often depends more on perception than on fact. Even if your organization stewards your constituents’ resources, information, security, and services with the utmost care, bad actors are waiting in the wings to cause confusion, doubt, and fear.

The intelligence tools that currently exist on the market are not prepared to understand, contextualize, or summarize narrative risks, meaning that public sector organizations are often left undefended and unaware until the point at which a narrative attack has already won. Blackbird.AI’s purpose-built AI-driven Constellation Platform took shape in the midst of this hurricane and with the sole intent to visualize threats like manipulation, disinformation, and misinformation. We are here to detect narrative threats like intents to carry out violent acts, disrupt aid to disaster victims, sway elections, and discredit your organization.

“We've never met with a group that posed the ‘disinformation analytics problem’ in as complete a fashion as Blackbird.AI, and you have the only approach that could work
— Public Sector Organization

Blackbird.AI solves core challenges for public sector leaders

Blackbird.AI’s Narrative Intelligence Platform offers public sector leaders the complete visibility they need into emerging narrative threats, which pose complex and multi-faceted risks that would otherwise go undetected until the moment of impact.

Gain context and clarity around harmful narrative attacks impacting your organization.

Be the first to know as our high-speed and high-fidelity Constellation Platform ingests and analyzes conversational data and maps information flows across networks from social media, dark web, fringe websites, and traditional news outlets.


Harness AI-powered narrative discovery to understand the contagion effect.

Our AI-driven platform automatically scans millions of posts and groups them into nodes of related harmful narratives, exposing what’s being said about your organization, leadership, and country.


Uncover hidden threats and risks from hyper-agenda threat actors and bot manipulation.

Discover emergent threats with customizable risk profiles and risk scores which note automated bot activity, toxicity, generative AI, and risk.


Enable strategic decision making.

Rapidly detect threats with actionable intelligence, context, and clarity to make better strategic decisions with greater confidence and precision to reduce risks to your organization, constituents, and nation.


Navigate the new attack landscape by knowing the narrative.

Talk with a Narrative Intelligence Specialist today to discover how Blackbird.AI can equip your organization with the expertise and AI-based technology you need to face your greatest narrative threats.
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