Blackbird.AI for Risk Leaders

Don’t let narrative attacks take you by surprise

One in four risk executives believes reputational damage to be the biggest challenge their organizations will face in the next few years. As digital narratives strongly influence reality, risk leaders must be prepared to respond to emerging misinformation and disinformation threats and proactively mitigate their real-world consequences.

With Blackbird.AI, risk leaders can adapt their risk management strategies and better prepare for emerging narrative threats that impact their organization’s brand, cybersecurity, and financial stability.

We are an ally for risk leaders

Few risk leaders have the visibility they need into the harmful narratives which could pose serious risks. Their current manual tools cannot understand, interpret, or score the threats they face, making prioritization and escalation impossible and response time slow.

Without sufficient context, they face crisis moments without the information they need to engage with the executive team and make critical decisions, counter damaging narratives, protect their organizations, and minimize risk. Blackbird.AI was purpose-built to equip risk leaders and executive teams with the context, AI-based recommendations, and expert consulting they need to prepare for and mitigate their greatest narrative risks.

“Blackbird.AI sees things that no other tools can see.”
— Fortune 5 Company

Blackbird.AI solves core challenges for risk leaders

Blackbird.AI’s first-of-its-kind Narrative Intelligence Platform offers risk leaders and their colleagues across the organization with the complete visibility they need into emerging narrative threats, which pose complex and multi-faceted risks that would otherwise go undetected until the moment of impact.

Gain context and clarity around harmful narrative attacks impacting your organization.

Be the first to know as our high-speed and high-fidelity Constellation Platform ingests and analyzes conversational data and maps information flows across networks from social media, dark web, fringe websites, and traditional news outlets.


Harness AI-powered narrative discovery to understand the contagion effect.

Our AI-driven platform automatically scans millions of posts and groups them into nodes of related harmful narratives, exposing what’s being said about your organization.


Uncover hidden threats and risks from hyper-agenda threat actors and bot manipulation.

Discover emergent threats with customizable risk profiles and risk scores which note automated bot activity, toxicity, generative AI, and risk.


Enable a stronger security, risk, and compliance posture.

Rapidly detect threats with actionable intelligence, context, and clarity to easily communicate with the executive team, improve operational resilience, and prepare for compliance risks and requirements.


Make sure you can see the risks coming to minimize risk.

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