Travel & Entertainment

People now choose travel and entertainment based on digital content.

A viral post can boost unknown destinations or artists, while negative narratives can harm reputations, box office sales, and careers. Being known means facing narrative risks. Travel and entertainment industries must stay vigilant to emerging stories shaping public opinion and cultural perspectives.

Keep your customers and influencers loyal.

Blackbird.AI’s Constellation Narrative Intelligence Platform identifies positive threads early enough for you to maximize the moment. The platform also detects brewing controversies, misinformation and disinformation, and other harmful narratives that jeopardize your bookings, reservations, and customer relationships.

Our Constellation Platform is here for entertainment organizations, surfacing emerging narratives that both build up and tear down the reputations you have worked so hard to build. With our insights, you can respond early 
to potential threats to keep your fans, customers, and influencers on your side.

Recent examples of harmful narratives in your industry.

The 2023 attacks on MGM Casinos and Sony Pictures are chilling examples of how quickly a crisis (or even a rumor of a crisis) can harm a brand’s reputation. While MGM Casinos was a victim of a cyberattack, Sony was only rumored to be.

Speculation, conspiracy theories, and weaponized narratives damaged both brands, leading to a loss of public trust and positive perception, potentially affecting consumer choices long-term.

Guard your reputation by knowing the narrative.

It is a gamble to operate without visibility into the emerging narratives that threaten your reputation and the positive sentiment of your fan or customer base. Talk with one of our experts today to learn how Blackbird.AI can help protect your fans and your reputation.
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