Blackbird.AI for Security Leaders

Prepare for emerging narrative threats

Misinformation and disinformation is the greatest concern for 77% of professionals who work in risk, security, data privacy, and IT governance. The increasing sophistication of narrative-based threats underscores the urgency for organizations to enhance their capabilities in detecting, analyzing, and responding to narrative threats that impact your organization.

Today’s security landscape includes complex threats, such as social engineering, misinformation and disinformation, and coordinated attacks that combine narrative elements with real or perceived security breaches. Even a rumored breach compromises trust in a brand’s security and impacts every facet of the organization.

With Blackbird.AI, security leaders can adapt their security postures, better prepare for and maintain compliance with new SEC regulations, and ensure their organizations are both secure in perception and in reality.

We are an ally for security leaders

Because today’s narrative threats are not the traditional risks which have plagued the industry for decades, security leaders are adapting to a new threat vector with roots that weave across org charts and create unexpected alliances.

Many leading organizations are fostering deeper collaborations between security and communications executives who, together, protect their organizations from sophisticated narrative attacks that often result from or fuel cyber and traditional security breaches. Blackbird.AI was founded by multidisciplinary experts, including leaders in cybersecurity, who understand the challenges facing today’s security leaders. We are allies in addressing narrative threats and their physical and cyber security ramifications.

“We felt hopeless about this problem until we started working with Blackbird.AI.”
— Global National Security Customer

Blackbird.AI solves narrative risk challenges for security leaders

Blackbird.AI’s first-of-its-kind Narrative Intelligence Platform offers security leaders and their allies in communications with the complete visibility they need into emerging narrative threats, which pose complex and multi-faceted risks that would otherwise go undetected until the moment of impact.

Gain context and clarity around harmful narrative attacks impacting your organization.

Be the first to know as our high-speed and high-fidelity Constellation Platform ingests and analyzes conversational data and maps information flows across networks from social media, dark web, fringe websites, and traditional news outlets.


Harness AI-powered narrative discovery to understand the contagion effect.

Our AI-driven platform automatically scans millions of posts and groups them into nodes of related harmful narratives, exposing what’s being said about your organization.


Uncover hidden threats and risks from hyper-agenda threat actors and bot manipulation.

Discover emergent threats with customizable risk profiles and risk scores which note automated bot activity, toxicity, generative AI, and risk.


Enable a stronger security, risk, and compliance posture.

Rapidly detect threats with actionable intelligence, context, and clarity to easily communicate with the executive team, improve operational resilience, and prepare for compliance risks and requirements.


Protect your real and perceived security

Narrative attacks created by misinformation and disinformation are a new threat vector that expands the organizations attack surface. Security and risk leaders can elevate their position at the executive and board level by proactively monitoring for narrative attacks to help them make better strategic decisions. Talk with one of our experts today to learn how Blackbird.AI can equip your marketing leadership to maintain your hardwon trust and credibility.
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