AI-Driven Narrative Intelligence Platform

Illuminate the narrative. Understand the context. Make better strategic decisions.

Blackbird.AI offers the world's first purpose-built narrative intelligence platform called Constellation, which automatically detects, analyzes and measures risk, and gains context around the impact of emerging narratives to provide clarity for critical decision-making.

Constellation's AI-based technology provides an unparalleled view of narrative attacks using five distinct signals that look across thousands of sources to prioritize risk. It does so by illuminating the narratives, the influence behind them, the networks they touch, the anomalous behavior that scales them, and the cohorts that connect them.


With high fidelity and speed, see and map emerging harmful narratives as they scale.


Understand the mechanisms across 25+ languages in text, images, and memes.


Determine the velocity of emergent stories as they spread across networks, including the dark web, social media, news, and more.


Evaluate possible scenarios and counter-narratives with clarity and context that de-risk harmful narratives.

Action, AI-Driven
Narrative Risk Intelligence

Constellation Dashboard

Our Constellation Dashboard enables visual investigation by providing a dynamic, real-time view of narrative attacks as they scale and become harmful. It analyzes emerging misinformation and disinformation, maps information from various sources, and enables proactive risk analysis. Constellation is multimodal, assessing text, images, and memes; multi-platform, spanning dark web, social media, news, and more; and multilingual, supporting over 25 languages.

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Narrative Feed

Our Narrative Feed offers organizations a continuous and insightful summary of harmful narratives as they emerge and scale by providing a Narrative Risk Score (NRS) and highlighting critical elements, including cohort activities, bot network manipulation, and key influencers.

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Our RAV3N Risk LLM simplifies the reporting process with an automated reporting feature, allowing for quick and efficient sharing of narrative attacks with insights and context that are easy to understand, share, and present to executive teams.

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Compass by Blackbird.AI

Our context-checking product is designed to guide you through the complex terrain of online misinformation and disinformation. It provides much needed clarity to online information in today's uncertain digital era.

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RAV3N Narrative Intelligence & Research Team

Our RAV3N Narrative Intelligence and Research Team provides human expertise to ensure you're not alone in facing high-pressure situations and narrative attacks. Our skilled experts apply technological insights to your needs and offer narrative intelligence reports, advanced benchmarking, learning programs, and professional services to boost your defensive strategy.

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