Narrative Use Case

Environmental, Social, and Governance

An organization’s efforts in environmental, social, and governance initiatives face risks from public perception and understanding. Negative narratives, including accusations of greenwashing, racism, and employee treatment, could lead to protests, boycotts, and legal actions, threatening the organization’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives and reputation.

Understand public narratives

Public opinion holds significant sway over an organization’s reputation. With our Constellation Platform, gain insights into harmful narratives surrounding ESG initiatives. By proactively identifying and addressing harmful narratives, your organization can shape a more favorable narrative, fostering trust and goodwill among stakeholders.

Navigate legislative changes

As regulatory landscapes evolve, organizations face increasing pressure to adhere to stringent environmental, social, and governance standards. Our Constellation Platform offers invaluable insights into the narratives around legislative changes, enabling proactive compliance measures. Stay ahead of regulatory shifts, mitigate risks, and ensure your organization’s sustainability initiatives align with evolving legal frameworks.

Make informed ESG strategies

With our Constellation Platform, gain understanding of the narratives around public opinion and discourse, coupled with the effects of legislative changes, you gain a comprehensive understanding of your organization’s ESG landscape. Armed with actionable insights, make data-driven decisions that not only enhance compliance but also drive positive social and environmental impact, securing a sustainable future for your organization and society as a whole.

Promote sustainability and social responsibility by knowing the narrative.

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