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Protect your brand from narrative attacks created by misinformation and disinformation

The rise of social media has created countless opportunities to reach new customers, share your brand’s story, and advertise your products. However, we have also seen the dark side of the digital age. Rumors instantly become viral, spreading false narratives about alleged product defects, nefarious executives, or disinformation-fueled stories about your environmental or social impact.

To protect your brand’s reputation, and to ensure your loyal audiences do not rapidly turn against you and call for boycotts, marketing leaders need unprecedented visibility into every corner of the internet so they can ensure every narrative builds trust in their brands and with their audiences.

Blackbird.AI offers AI-based technology and expert consultation to guide marketing leaders through narrative risks and into a place of proactive protection, preparation, and confidence.

We are an ally for marketing leaders

Legacy systems and social listening tools count keywords and measure sentiment, but they cannot detect the deeper narratives–across languages, platforms, and modes of communication–marketing leaders most need to see.

This lack of visibility creates a dangerous fog; marketing leaders and executive teams find out about many of the most harmful narratives after they have already taken root. They are often forced to make rushed decisions that exacerbate the problem rather than counter the deeper narrative.

“You give us the quantitative data we need to back up our digital strategies and avoid a battle of opinions.”
— - Global Energy Company

Blackbird.AI solves narrative risk challenges for marketing leaders

Blackbird.AI’s Narrative Intelligence Platform is the only solution of its kind, offering marketing leaders the early context and the clarity they need to thoughtfully protect their brands.

Gain context and clarity around harmful narrative attacks impacting your organization.

Be the first to know as our high-speed and high-fidelity Constellation Platform ingests and analyzes narrative data and maps information flows across networks from social media, dark web, fringe websites, and traditional news outlets.


Harness AI-powered narrative discovery to understand the contagion effect.

Our AI-driven platform automatically scans millions of posts and groups them into nodes of related harmful narratives, exposing what’s being said about your organization.


Uncover hidden threats and risks from hyper-agenda threat actors and bot manipulation.

Discover emergent threats with customizable risk profiles and risk scores which note automated bot activity, toxicity, generative AI, and risk.


Enable strategic decision making.

Rapidly detect narrative threats with actionable intelligence, context, and clarity to respond to and counter messages with greater confidence and precision.


Embrace positive virality by knowing the narrative.

Virality is powerful. We can help you surface emerging narratives early and create responses thoughtfully so that, if you’re the talk of the town, it’s to tell the story you choose.

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