Narrative Feed

Gain insight into narrative attacks with automated risk scoring and summarization.

This innovative, multilingual, AI-driven technology analyzes hundreds of thousands of data sources, including social media, dark web, memes, news media, and other web content. It identifies and summarizes high-risk narratives and ranks them using Blackbird.AI's Narrative Risk Score (NRS), a metric based on hundreds of risk signals that customers can tailor to their risk profiles.

Narrative Feed powers efficiency and proactivity for leading organizations.

Gain real-time access to narratives about their organization, sector, or a specific incident.

Quickly understand and contextualize organizational risks, including the cohorts driving narratives, manipulations by bot networks, and the influencers behind the narrative.

Save time at all levels of the organization, including analysts, executives, security professionals, branding and communications leaders, and more. (See how Blackbird.AI helps professionals in specific roles here).

Provide a narrative risk score that prioritizes threats based on the context of narrative attacks.

Make better strategic decisions with context and clarity.

Lead with context by knowing the narrative

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