The proliferation of healthcare information across the internet means that people can research nearly every topic imaginable without the guidance of a physician. But not all of that information is accurate.

When people consume false information about healthcare treatment and conditions, they often make decisions that jeopardize their health and well-being. Leading healthcare organizations must prioritize addressing misinformation to ensure public safety and prevent narrative attacks that attempt to discredit their medical expertise.

“Health misinformation has been identified as one of the top priorities of the US Surgeon General’s office.”

— Healthcare Executive

Isolate the contagious narratives

Narrative attacks spread like contagions; to address them, you have to understand where they’re coming from and how they are multiplying. Our Constellation Narrative Intelligence Platform automatically scans millions of posts and groups them into nodes of related harmful narratives, exposing what’s being said and where the conversation is going.

We have seen countless examples of harmful narratives that have real-world consequences, and the stakes could not be higher in healthcare. We have purpose-built our technology to illuminate the unseen narratives, identify their origins, and recommend rapid responses to counter them with facts.

Constellation can surface and understand narratives in more than 25 languages, across diverse modes like memes and text, and on multiple platforms. If a threat is brewing, whether to public health or your specific organization, our technology will help you find, understand, and respond to it.

Safeguard patients and your brand by knowing the narrative.

We are allies to healthcare organizations to protect them from harmful narratives that impact patients, public health, and their reputations.

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