Narrative Use Cases

Stock Manipulation

Stock prices reflect a company’s valuation, the market’s sentiments, and investors’ confidence in the future.

Narrative attacks created by misinformation and disinformation can manipulate stock prices and impact a company’s reputation, financial future, and competitive standing. Stock prices are a frequent target for narrative attack campaigns which can include deep fakes, social media attacks, bot-driven manipulation, and short-and-distort schemes to profit from declining stocks, cohesive pressure on stock prices (meme stocks), and rumors and speculation about upcoming events and earnings reports.

Detect the distortion

Our Constellation Platform gives you insight into manipulation narratives as they are formulating and spreading. With key insight and context, Constellation will tell you where the narrative is coming from, who is behind it, and what they intend.

Our purpose-built, AI-driven, and multilingual technology detects actions by foreign state actors, ill-intended competitors, and other adversaries who want to create risk and volatility not only for an individual stock but within the larger marketplace.

Defend your valuation

When your company has the information you need, the moment a narrative forms, you can take steps to counter harmful narratives with information that defends your interests and effectively addresses the root of the attack. Defending your narrative is one of the key ways you can maintain a positive public perception, investor confidence, and, ultimately, shareholder value.

Recent examples of stock manipulation attacks

In 2023, Gamestop was the initial subject of a meme stock frenzy, which went on to cause reputational and financial harm to their brand, Robinhood, and retail investors.

Read Blackbird.AI’s analysis of the events and the narrative-based controversies that followed.

Protect your stock by knowing the narrative.

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