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Executive Teams

Protect your company’s value and reputation from narrative threats

Each year, private organizations lose $78 billion to disinformation. Narrative threats have the potential to damage corporate performance, reduce shareholder value and stock valuations, alienate essential customer bases, tarnish an executive’s reputation, and risk being canceled.

Narrative attacks are as serious as they are hard to detect. To navigate this new threat vector, executives must guide their companies and cross-functional teams with insight into emerging narratives and adopt a proactive approach to own the narratives that define their organizations.

We are an ally for executive leaders

Executive leaders are barraged with problems that need to be solved. Shareholders, journalists, department leadership, employees, and your fellow executives raise alarms and ask questions that only you can address.

We understand what it’s like to be in the hot seat, and our tools and experts are here to help executives face narrative attacks on the horizon with context, support, and the confidence they need to lead.

Blackbird.AI solves core challenges for executive leaders

Blackbird.AI’s purpose-built, AI-based Narrative Intelligence Platform offers leaders across the organization with the visibility they need into emerging narrative threats, which pose complex and multi-faceted risks that would otherwise go undetected until the moment of impact.

Gain context and clarity around harmful narrative attacks impacting your organization.

Be the first to know as our high-speed and high-fidelity Constellation Platform ingests and analyzes conversational data and maps information flows across networks from social media, dark web, fringe websites, and traditional news outlets.


Harness AI-powered narrative discovery to understand the contagion effect.

Our AI-driven platform automatically scans millions of posts and groups them into nodes of related harmful narratives, exposing what’s being said about your organization.


Uncover hidden threats and risks from hyper-agenda threat actors and bot manipulation.

Discover emergent threats with customizable risk profiles and risk scores which note automated bot activity, toxicity, generative AI, and risk.


Enable strategic decision making.

Rapidly detect threats with actionable intelligence, context, and clarity to make better strategic decisions with greater confidence and precision to reduce organizational risk.


Prepare for every crisis by knowing the narrative.

Narrative attacks can be ruthless and deeply harmful. Whether an executive or an organization is the target of disinformation or misinformation, or they just happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, executive leaders are often the public faces of an effective narrative attack. Talk with our experts about how you can prepare your company’s legacy, and your professional reputation, from any threats which may be just around the corner.
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