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Tailored narrative intelligence to protect leading organizations from attacks created by misinformation and disinformation

The World Economic Forum has identified narrative threats from misinformation and disinformation as the greatest global risk. Narrative attacks jeopardize reputational and financial well-being for private and public-sector organizations in every industry.

Blackbird.AI’s purpose-built, AI-driven technology platform and innovative experts are here to create tailored narrative protection for your industry and illuminate the information you most need to see and understand the narrative risks facing your market, organization, competitors, partners, and customers.

Solutions by Industry

From healthcare organizations detecting and countering harmful narratives that mislead patients to financial firms monitoring narratives that could impact the stock market, our Constellation Platform lets you discover customized solutions for narrative attack use cases that most impact your industry.

Lead your industry by knowing the narrative

Talk with a Narrative Intelligence Specialist today to discover how Blackbird.AI can equip your organization with the expertise and AI-based technology you need to own the narrative and lead your industry.
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