As news of a financial institution’s vulnerability spreads, harmful narratives quickly amplify pressure on the bank, its customers, investors, and the financial ecosystem as a whole. Identifying and countering these narratives before, during, and after a crisis enables the bank to dispel concerns, reducing risks for all parties involved.

We equip global banks, trading platforms, and financial institutions with insight into narratives impacting the financial markets to enrich data and surface harmful narratives that could impact their financial or reputational position.

Recent examples of harmful narratives in your industry.

88% of investors consider disinformation attacks on corporations a serious issue, and recent events demonstrate why.

The Silicon Valley Bank collapse of 2023 shows the powerful ways in which a narrative can manipulate financial realities. When the news spread that SVB was looking to raise funds, harmful narratives across the internet scaled up quickly and publicly and created a bank run that ultimately led to the bank’s failure. The bank run triggered numerous other harmful narratives that made the damage worse for the entire industry.

Learn more by reading our summary of the ways in which misinformation and disinformation contributed to the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank and the speculations and rumors that followed.

Eliminate reputational liabilities by knowing the narrative.

We are here to empower financial institutions to protect their investors, assets, and reputations from the damaging narratives that can cause harmful financial realities.

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