Misinformation and disinformation are everywhere. Today’s leading media corporations need enhanced, AI-driven insights to spot harmful narratives and determine a counter-narrative response (if appropriate) in time to prevent reputational or financial harm to the organization.

The faster you tell your story, the more rapidly your audience can rest at ease. But rapidly deploying an effective counter-narrative has never been more challenging. Fake news travels six times faster than the truth, and the proliferation of misinformation and disinformation has made the public increasingly skeptical.

Go deeper than fact checking

The fact-checking industry is an essential part of today’s brand safety ecosystem, but it cannot provide the resolution, scale, or pace of information leading media corporations need to guard against narrative attacks.

Blackbird.AI was founded to empower trust, safety, and integrity across the global information ecosystem. Our Constellation Narrative Intelligence Platform goes beyond that which any other tool or service offers, illuminating the unseen narratives, identifying their origins, and recommending rapid responses to counter them.

Constellation can surface and understand narratives in more than 25 languages, across diverse modes like memes and text, and on multiple platforms. If a whisper is starting, our technology will help you find, contextualize, and understand it.

Safeguard information integrity by knowing the narrative.

We are allies to media corporations to protect them from harmful narratives that impact their brand reputations.

Reach out today to discuss how our experts and leading-edge technology can empower your media organization to lead the world in information integrity.
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