Narrative Use Cases

Cyber Attacks

In today’s environment, the rumor of a breach can be as damaging as a true incident.

Narrative attacks circulate rumors that sensitive data has been compromised, accelerate the impact of breaches by sharing or leaking information, or respond to a breach with an intent to make the situation worse.

Prepare for the new threat vector

Today’s narrative threats are not traditional cyber risks, and a narrative attack does not always work like the cyber attacks many teams are prepared to face. Addressing cyber-attack-related narrative threats often requires an alliance between security and communications teams who work together to protect their organizations.

Blackbird.AI was founded by multidisciplinary experts, including leaders in cybersecurity, who understand the challenges facing today’s security leaders. We are allies in addressing narrative threats and their physical and cyber security ramifications, and we are here to help prepare your organization for the new threat vector.

Protect your organization

We have purpose-built the Constellation Platform to surface emerging narratives that may indicate a breach is coming, catch a formulating social engineering scheme, or identify harmful narratives that are feeding off of a true breach that you’re working hard to address and report.

These capabilities are crucial in limiting a potential breach’s severity and financial impact. Knowing the narrative is also critical as part of the company’s incident disclosure to its customers and the SEC. With Blackbird.AI, you’re prepared to catch early warning signs of a threat, reduce the impact of the damage, and comply with changing regulations.

Build your strategy

The 2023 attacks on MGM Resorts and Sony Pictures are chilling examples of how quickly a crisis (or even a rumor of a crisis) can harm a brand’s reputation. While MGM Resorts was a victim of a cyberattack, the recent narrative attack on Sony was only rumored to be.

Nonetheless, in both instances, speculation, conspiracy theories, and weaponized narratives cast both brands in a negative light, catalyzed reputational freefall, and created fears that they cannot protect their customers. Both organizations now have a diminished stock of public opinion to draw from in any future moments of crisis.

To avoid a similar outcome in the event of a targeted attack, review our insights on the ways disinformation campaigns magnify cyberattacks and how you can strategically prepare to defend your organization.

Enhance cybersecurity by knowing the narrative.

You don’t leave any other aspect of your cyber security up to chance. Arm your organization to defend against narrative attacks today.
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