Protect Your Organization from Narrative Attacks

AI-based technology platform to protect against misinformation and disinformation.

Each year, narrative attacks cost organizations billions of dollars. Wars, elections, and the accessibility of AI technology has made the problem more critical and bad actors more effective. To confirm this, the World Economic Forum named misinformation and disinformation the top global risk in 2024.

Narrative attacks have a contagion effect, evolving and scaling from a single post to become harmful, viral narratives in minutes.

Blackbird.AI's breakthrough Narrative Intelligence Platform provides a disruptive shift in how organizations protect against narrative attacks created by misinformation and disinformation.

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Blackbird.AI provides solutions for wide-ranging narrative attack use cases, such as crisis events, attacks on a brand's reputation, cyber attacks, geopolitical threats, financial market risks, executive targeting, stock manipulation, and more.

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Find tailored solutions for narrative threats across diverse sectors, including corporate intelligence, financial risk, technology platforms, public sector organizations, and more.

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Discover customized leadership and executive team solutions which streamline your search for role-specific resources and expertise.

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