Technology Platforms

The rise of tech platforms accelerates information exchange, posing risks and opportunities.

Popular platforms face narrative threats alongside their growth. They’re targeted by direct attacks and embroiled in controversies over misinformation. Tech companies strive to navigate this complex landscape, requiring timely reports on emerging narratives, contextual understanding, and informed recommendations to make strategic decisions while mitigating harm.

Protect the integrity of information

Blackbird.AI was founded to empower trust, safety, and integrity across the global information ecosystem. Our Constellation Narrative Intelligence Platform helps to combat the spread of misinformation and disinformation so technology platforms can remain the “digital town squares” they were created to be.

The platform uses sophisticated algorithms, machine learning models, and data analysis to identify sources of harmful narratives, patterns of manipulation, inauthentic behavior, and toxic or extremist content employed by malicious actors, foreign adversaries, and hyper-agenda-driven groups.

With these insights, technology organizations are better able to respond quickly and accurately to flag potentially untrustworthy information and highlight more accurate alternatives to ensure users always have both sides of every story.

Examples of harmful narratives on social media

Social media platforms can allow for the spread of disinformation and misinformation in a way that has real world consequences. A helpful case study is the impact social media platforms have had on climate denialism and the resultantly slow development of renewable energy technology.

Climate denialism, and the seeming conflict between politics and science, has spread across social media, driving consumer choices, voting decisions, and other practical choices. Our experts have compiled helpful insights here.

Facilitate productive conversations by knowing the narrative.

We are here to empower technology organizations that are striving to protect their users from both extremes: censorship and an unchecked torrent of false or harmful information.

Reach out today to discuss how our experts and leading-edge technology can empower your organization to champion integrity, trust, and health discourse across the global information ecosystem.
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