Constellation Dashboard

Eliminate narrative blind spots


Analyze risks in text, images and memes


See across the dark web, social, news, and more


25+ native languages

Analyze an attack from all angles

The Constellation Dashboard helps you predict, prepare, and understand threats in all their complexities, ensuring control over your narrative.

Narrative Intelligence

Uncover emerging narratives, ensuring real-time insights that surpass social listening tools, providing continuous visibility into evolving online conversations.

Actor Intelligence

Identify and map influential actors, coalitions, and their motives with the Constellation Dashboard, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the source and spread of enigmatic rumors.

Threat Intelligence

Score threats automatically with the Blackbird.AI Risk Index, evaluating toxicity, polarization, automated networked activity, sexism, hate speech, and manipulation, empowering confident responses by carefully considering potential implications.

Impact Intelligence

Predict the impact of swirling narratives with the Constellation Dashboard, allowing for contextualized and prioritized responses. Monitor and measure mitigation efforts to evaluate their effectiveness in addressing harmful activities.

Know the Narrative.
Own the Narrative.

Talk with a Narrative Intelligence Expert today to control the narrative and ensure your organization writes what happens next.

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