Narrative Use Case

Physical Security

Organizations worldwide must prioritize physical security to protect employees, facilities, and critical assets for their importance to business operations, safety, and wellbeing. This includes safeguarding against security risks that involve narratives concerning geopolitical events, protests, and risks to facilities, and critical infrastructure.

Proactively mitigate risks

Stay ahead of potential threats with the Constellation Platform. By gaining insight into harmful narratives from global or hyper-local events, you can proactively identify and address security risks to your employees, facilities, infrastructure, and vendors. This proactive approach allows you to take preemptive measures to mitigate risks, ensuring the safety and security of your most valuable assets.

Safeguard business continuity

Ensure uninterrupted operations by safeguarding your facilities and infrastructure through our Constellation Platform. By monitoring for harmful narratives that could affect your facilities or vendors, you can implement robust contingency plans to mitigate any potential disruptions. This proactive approach to safeguarding your business continuity minimizes downtime, protects revenue streams, and maintains customer satisfaction, which reinforces your organization's resilience during adversity.

Enhance safety measures by knowing the narrative.

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