Narrative Use Case

Executive Targeting

Narrative attacks on executives, board members, and key personnel take on many forms, including online threats, personal information exposure, extortion, and fake communications. Because narratives often shape reality, these risks can also escalate into threats of physical harm.

Today’s contentious climate, fueled by the digital proliferation of information, has created a perfect storm. Hyper-driven actors motivated by environmental, social, or cultural agendas can easily manipulate factual or fabricated world events, political affiliations, labor disputes, or trade relationships to damage a leader’s reputation and take down a brand.

Knowing what narratives are circulating is essential to protecting your key people.

Proactively Reduce Risk

Our Constellation Platform is a proactive shield for C-Suite members, who are especially susceptible to narrative attacks. By using advanced algorithms, Constellation identifies narratives related to global issues, strategic initiatives, and announcements that could tarnish individuals’ and organizations’ financial and reputational standings.

The platform provides clarity around narratives, allowing executives to mitigate threats before they escalate and ensure the preservation of financial assets and reputational integrity.

Preserve executive resilience

The Constellation Platform offers a unique advantage by providing strategic insights into potential risks associated with narratives surrounding critical global issues. The platform empowers executives and board members to make informed decisions by flagging narratives that could compromise financial stability.

Enhance reputational defenses

Maintaining a positive reputation is paramount in the instant information dissemination era. The Constellation Platform excels in fortifying executives and organizations by identifying and reducing risk of narratives that could harm reputations. By swiftly addressing potential threats, executives can safeguard their public image, bolster stakeholder trust, and navigate crises with agility. This focus on reputational defense not only shields against immediate damage but also contributes to the long-term resilience and credibility of the organization in the eyes of the public, customers, and partners.

Ensure leadership protection by knowing the narrative

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