To protect your clients, minimize their risks, and help them to maintain compliance, your firm has to prepare for every eventuality. But much of the legal field is unprepared for an emerging set of narrative risks with the power to jeopardize your clients’ reputations, physical and cyber security, trade partnerships, and financial stability.

As the counsel they look to, your firm must know the narratives your clients face, understand who is behind them, and offer confident recommendations on appropriate actions to take. Without deeper visibility and guidance, most firms are left with no choice but to respond to a crisis-in-progress with imperfect data and put their clients at further risk.

Stay ahead of the risks

When there is a cyber incident, brand reputation attack, or viral rumor, your firm must act rapidly with your clients to investigate, report, litigate, and guide. Blackbird.AI’s purpose-built, AI-driven Constellation Narrative Intelligence Platform illuminates harmful narratives, the influence behind them, the networks the narratives touch, the anomalous campaigns that scale them, and the cohorts that connect them.

Whether the risk is indirect, pertaining to a competitor, the broader industry, a geopolitical event, or direct, targeting your client’s interests, Blackbird.AI is here to ensure that you have the context you need, when you need it, to help you and your client make the best strategic decisions.

Protect your clients by knowing the narrative.

When bad actors, nation states, or hyper-driven individuals or groups spread false narratives about your client, or act to deliberately exacerbate a crisis, you need to know everything.

Unlock unprecedented narrative intelligence to act and guide you and your clients from a position of knowledge, confidence, and context. When your clients are looking to you, you can look to us.
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