How the Blackbird.AI Platform Addresses Narrative Attacks on National Security and Government Leaders

Government and security leaders must prioritize defending against narrative attacks that misinform the public, erode confidence in government agencies, and even provoke conflicts with nation-state adversaries, making them a serious national security concern.

Iassen Christov, Research Analyst TAG Infosphere

The security of any nation depends on the trust of its citizenry that the government can properly protect its society and interests consistent with the values and beliefs of the population. As such, it becomes easy to imagine how an attack on a nation could damage this trust directly—and any observer of the election cycle in major nations such as the United States will recognize this risk.

Specifically, so-called narrative attacks can be levied against nation-states to negatively influence how their messaging is being done publicly. As should be obvious, this attack can seriously affect national security, especially if it is done expertly with this goal in mind. Thus, it has become a priority for every government to take steps to avoid this type of problem.

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Narrative Attacks On National Security Organizations

The types of narrative attacks that are the most concerning when national security is involved can be partitioned into two different classes. First, there are the narrative attacks that misinform the public, perhaps in a manner that undermines their confidence in their government. Second, there are narrative attacks that directly antagonize or target a nation-state adversary, which can lead to conflict or perhaps worse. In the first case, one can easily see how narrative attacks on a government agency could result in citizen or societal confusion. For example, the US Department of State regularly issues travel warnings. These narrative attacks can be levied against nation-states to influence how their messaging is being done publicly negatively. intentionally corrupted or spoofed through a narrative attack, the public will begin to mistrust these messages – and, frankly, any other important directives from this agency.

Similarly, attacks that target a nation-state adversary could include fake reports that could be perceived as embarrassing or violate protocol with some other country. The effects here might be minor compared to more intense narrative attacks ranging from misleading public statements to ones that could either intimate or even declare war. These are extreme cases, certainly, but they are nonetheless possible.

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Addressing Narrative Attacks On National Security With Blackbird.AI 

Blackbird.AI provides a suitable set of detection controls that will identify narrative attacks quickly, and that can help a civilian agency, government department, or other public entity gain visibility into the types of information being shared on the Internet, social media, and other forums. This ability to understand what narratives are present will allow for rapid response and effective control of any situation that might be brewing.

Blackbird.AI accomplishes this objective by offering a world-class platform that utilizes data collection at scale, combined with artificial intelligence tools that allow users to query their narrative posture rapidly. The corresponding risk reduction for national security applications and environments can be considerable, which drives our belief that leaders in such environments should consider engaging with Blackbird.AI immediately.

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BLACKBIRD.AI protects organizations from narrative attacks created by misinformation and disinformation that cause financial and reputational harm. Our AI-driven Narrative Intelligence Platform – identifies key narratives that impact your organization/industry, the influence behind them, the networks they touch, the anomalous behavior that scales them, and the cohorts and communities that connect them. This information enables organizations to proactively understand narrative threats as they scale and become harmful for better strategic decision-making. A diverse team of AI experts, threat intelligence analysts, and national security professionals founded Blackbird.AI to defend information integrity and fight a new class of narrative threats. Learn more at Blackbird.AI.

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